Protect your financial interests by monitoring the condition of your lubricants.

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Avoid expensive, catastrophic machinery failures and reduce the risk of unplanned down-time and costly repairs. Intertek Lintec's Marine Lubricant Analysis is your oil condition monitoring (OCM) testing and evaluation services offering full, independent, quality and engineering interpretation of the state of lubricant fluids in your fleet.

By tracking changes in machinery lubricant quality, Intertek Lintec’s marine lubricant analysis program provides vital ‘early-warning’ of impending problems, helping protect equipment from damage and helping to support smooth and reliable machinery operations.

Using the program is easy and cost-effective. By using Intertek Lintec routinely to test and check the condition of your machinery lubricating oils, you receive valuable comprehensive reports on both the condition of the lubricating oils. We develop individual testing programs to meet your needs and ensure sample collection, shipping, testing and reporting is seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.

Protect your financial interests by monitoring the condition of your lubricants.

Why Oil Condition Monitoring Works

Operation problems in machines, engines and other components are often reflected in the quality condition of the lubricant oil being used. Regularly scheduled lubricant analysis can identify mechanical problems before they impact the efficient running of machinery, avoiding costly headaches later on.

Lubricants have to work under demanding conditions, exposed to constant high pressures, temperatures and other harmful factors, including water contamination, corrosion, fuel, and air ingested particles. Scheduled lubricant quality testing and expert advice can avoid and mitigate costly component or system failures and unscheduled maintenance.

Oil Condition Monitoring Services

Intertek's Oil Condition Monitoring service will assess your lubricating oil for problems and report these issues quickly and efficiently. 

Intertek Marine Lubricant Analysis Benefits include:

  • World-class OCM testing facilities
  • In-depth Oil Analysis
  • Easy-to-use Sample Shipment Program
  • Ferrography & Tribology Expertise
  • Independent and Impartial Specialists
  • Litigation & Dispute Support
  • Global Service Coverage
  • Additional Expert Consultancy

Expert Lubricant Analysis

Tests are performed in state-of-the-art Intertek laboratories by fully qualified chemists. Lintec's analysis results are reviewed by experienced analytical data specialists to indicate oil and machinery health.

High levels of wear particles give advance warning of possible machinery malfunction, allowing early remedial action to be taken. Where analytical results suggest no undue wear is taking place, the operator may choose to extend the interval between services or the life of the oil charge.

Intertek’s OCM service offers full engineering interpretation of lubricant test data, providing the client with a comprehensive report on the condition of the lubricating oil and the operating health of their machinery. 

Lubricant Tests Include:

  • Viscosity
  • Insolubles
  • Flashpoint
  • Water Content
  • Oxidation
  • Acid Number & Base Numbers
  • Wear-Metal Elements
  • PQ Index
  • Foam Test
  • Fibre Count
  • Grease Analysis
  • Contamination Detection
  • Oil Cleanliness
  • Trace Analysis
  • Unknowns Detection
  • Nitration
  • Sulfation
  • Air Release
  • Demulsification Test

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