Oil condition and lubricant quality monitoring tests.

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Intertek provides quality control tests for lubricants and oils, helpingprotect valuable machinery, power-trains,large engines, and other equipment from expensive failure, unplanned downtime and severe damage from contaminated or dirty lubricants.

Intertek oil condition monitoring laboratories work with clients on a global basis, and test to ASTM, ISO, IP, DIN, in-house, and client methods.

Lubricant oil condition monitoring tests:

Lubricant TestsASTMIPOther
Acid NumberD664, D974177,139ISO6619, ISO 6618
Air Release TestD3427313ISO 9120
AshD482 4 ISO 6245
Ash Sulfated ResidueD874 163ISO 3987
Ball Rust TestD6557  
Base NumberD2896, D4739276 ISO 3771
Blotterspot Test   
Boiling Range DistributionD6352  
Brookfield ViscosityD2983  
Chlorine (Bomb Method)D808  
Cloud PointD2500219 ISO 3015
ColorD1500196ISO 2049
Conradson Carbon ResidueD4530398 ISO 10370
Corrosion Bench TestD5968  
Corrosion Bench Test (HT)D6594  
Demulsification Number 19 
Density 15°CD4052365 ISO 12185
Emulsion Characteristics of Petroleum oilsD1401 ISO 6614
Ferrography PQ-Index  PQ-index
Flash Point COCD9236 ISO 2592
Flash Point PMD9334ISO 2719
Flash Point SetaflashD3828303 ISO 3680
Foaming Characteristics of Lub. OilD892146 
Fuel DilutionD322, D3525, D352423 FTIR
Fuel Dilution, Fast  Perkin Elmer Method
Gel IndexD5133  
Glycol, GLC, FTIR  DIN 51375-1, GC-Headspace, FTIR
Glycol GlytekD2982  
Grease Testing   
High Temp High Shear ViscosityD4683, D6616  
Infrared Scan  FTIR
Insoluble in PentaneD893, D4055  
Insoluble in TolueneD893  
KRL Tapered Bearing Shear Loss  CEC-L-45-A-99
Kurt Orbahn Injector Shear LossD6278, D7109 CEC-L-14-A-93
Metals (additive)D6443, D4927  
Metals (wear+additive)D4951, D5185  
Millipore Filtration  ISO 4405
Minirotary ViscometerD4684  
Nitration  IR 1959/2132
NitrogenD4629, D5762  
NOACK (Selby)D5800   
Oxidation Induction Time (PDSC)D6186 CEC-L-85-T-99
Oxidation test for Lub. OilD94348 
Oxidation/Nitration, using FTIR  In-house, DIN 51453
Particle Count  ISO 4406, 4407, NAS
Particulate matterD5452 M  
PCB's  IVM 87, DIN 51527/BAGA
Peroxide NumberD3703  
Pour PointD9715 ISO 3016
Precipitation NumberD91  
Ramsbottom Carbon ResidueD52414 ISO 4262
Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RBOT) (RPVOT)D2272  
RULER Oil Test   
Rust Preventing Test ( Proc. A or B)D665135 ISO 7120
Saponification No.D94136ISO 6293
Soot, Soot(TGA)D5967 DIN 51452, FTIR, Wilkes
Specific GravityD287, D1298  
SulfurD2622, D4294, D5453  
Sulfur (Bomb)D12961  
Thermal Stability of Heat Transfer FluidsD6743  
Thermo-Oxidation of Engine Oil Simulation TestD6335, D7097  
Trace SedimentD2273  
Viscosity 20°C - 100°CD 44571ISO 3104
Viscosity Houillon 40°C - 100°C   
Viscosity IndexD2270226 ISO 2909
Volatility of OilsD6417  
WaterD9574 ISO 3733, BS 4385
Water Karl FischerE 1064 M, D6304  
*Other test methods available on request   

Additional testingfor Fresh lubes:
High Temperature FoamingD6082  
Homogeneity & MiscibilityD6922  
Volatility LossCEC L-40  
NitrogenD3228, D4629  
Kinematic viscosity @ - 40 ( Brake Fluid)D445  
Copper Strip CorrosionD130  
ChlorideD4929, UOP 779  
*Other test methods available on request   
Lubricants and fluids related testing:
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