Oxidation stability testing of steam turbine oils (RPVOT) per ASTM D2272.

The Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) evaluates the remaining oxidation test life of in-service turbine and other oils. Also called the Rotating Bomb Oxidation Test (RBOT) test, Intertek provides this ASTM D2272 test for turbine oils in key locations across the world. 

Measuring oxidation in turbine oil lubricants can be an important component for oil condition monitoring programs. Serious operational problems can occur over time from varnish and sludge formed from oxidized lubricants, as these coatings can prevent proper cooling of equipment and bearings. 

Intertek labs providing RPVOT (RBOT) ASTM D2272 testing:

The ASTM D2272 test method is a standard test method for oxidation stability of steam turbine oils by rotating pressure vessel.

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