Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek Caleb Brett has provided global, professional and reliable bulk commodity inspection quantity and quality services since 1885.

Intertek has inspected and tested client's valuable bulk commodity cargos for over 130 years, including crude oil, fuels, grains, fertilizers and many other products. Founded in 1885 by Mr. Caleb Brett, Intertek's cargo inspectors help clients protect their financial interests during cargo custody transfer, storage, transport and other business activities. Intertek provides cargo and inventory inspection services across the world, including major ports and petroleum refining, production and petrochemical producing regions. Intertek offers international 24/7/365 service and coordination coverage.

Origins in 1885:

Mr. Caleb Brett was a farmer in Kent, England who also owned a business exporting grain to Russia and importing Russian furs and other goods to Great Britain. Mr. Brett realized that an independent, impartial, cargo inspection service was needed to regulate cargo quality and reduce business risks associated with the global trade in high value commodities. A neutral and honest inspection service was the solution. Mr. Brett started a new business in 1885 to certify the quality and quantity of grain cargos prior to shipment.

Mr Brett's approach to the business was dedicated and professional, vowing that:

"I will treat each cargo as if it were my own".

During this time the petroleum industry was beginning to emerge as a new global market, driven by the invention of internal combustion engines and sea-going oil tankers. Mr. Caleb Brett expanded his business to provide marine cargo inspection and testing for crude oil and refined petroleum products. As world trade in these commodity products expanded, Caleb Brett's company expanded as well, offering inspection and laboratory services to customers in a growing number of nations.

Today, the heritage Caleb Brett legacy name has transformed into the Intertek Cargo business line, with the experienced professionals continuing to provide the same focused dedication and expertise to client services. We continue work to the high standards set by our division's founder in 1885, helping protecting our customer's business interests, reduce their financial, contractual, and regulatory risks, and "treating each cargo as if it were our own".

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