Intertek Caleb Brett: Pioneers in Bulk Commodity Inspection and Quality Services Since 1885

Unmatched Expertise in Global Commodity Inspection and Testing

Since 1885, Intertek Caleb Brett has stood at the forefront of global, professional, and reliable bulk commodity inspection, providing unparalleled quantity and quality services. With over 130 years of experience, Intertek has been a trusted partner in inspecting and testing a wide range of client's valuable bulk commodity cargoes, including crude oil, fuels, grains, fertilisers, and many others.

Tracing Our Roots: The Vision of Mr. Caleb Brett

The inception of Intertek Caleb Brett dates back to 1885, founded in Kent, England by Mr. Caleb Brett, a visionary farmer and entrepreneur. Understanding the necessity for an independent and impartial cargo inspection service to regulate cargo quality and mitigate business risks in global trade, Mr. Brett established a service dedicated to certifying the quality and quantity of grain cargoes prior to shipment.

Innovating Inspection Services for a Growing Global Market

During the early days of the petroleum industry, Mr. Caleb Brett expanded his business scope to include marine cargo inspection and testing for crude oil and refined petroleum products. As international trade in these commodities grew, so did Caleb Brett's company, evolving to offer inspection and laboratory services to a broadening international client base.

Intertek Caleb Brett Today: Upholding a Legacy of Excellence

Today, the legacy of Caleb Brett has transformed into Intertek Cargo, a business line renowned for its experienced professionals and unwavering commitment to client services. We continue to uphold the high standards set by our founder, dedicated to protecting our customers' business interests, minimising financial, contractual, and regulatory risks, and adhering to our founding principle of "treating each cargo as if it were our own."

Intertek offers a comprehensive range of cargo and inventory inspection services across the globe, covering major ports, petroleum refining, production, and petrochemical producing regions. We provide international 24/7/365 service and coordination coverage, ensuring that our clients' needs are met with precision, professionalism, and the expertise that has defined Intertek Caleb Brett for over a century.

Intertek Caleb Brett
A look back at how we treat each cargo as if it were our own
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