Intertek Caleb Brett designs, manufactures and offers custom built fixed or portable equipments for the sampling of liquid pretroleum products.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek’s Automatic Inline Sampler Solution (AILS) is designed to meet client specific needs and offers the best solution for facilities like refineries, storage and blending terminals, floating storage and bunker barges.

How does it work AILS?

The sampler is installed by our in-house team of technicians in part of the pipeline or at the manifold. During the liquid transfer, the automatic sampler collects a sequence of small volume samples considering some factors such as flow rate, pressure, and temperature of the liquid, to obtain the most representative sample.

During sampling, data is collected by the sampler control unit and is processed for a complete analysis of multiple parameters including reporting the temperature, relative pressure, volume transferred, net sample weight, yield factor, number of subsamples extracted per channel and total number of subsamples. Once the results are processed, these are transferred to an excel sheet and a sampling certificate is issued.

This data analysis program can be customised to the customer’s needs. The AILS programs’ bespoke and custom tailoring allows usage not only across the oil and gas industry but also across industries which require, the sampling of any type of liquid product.

AILS sampler

AILS will allow you to:

  • Obtain the most representative sample of custody transfer
  • Avoid discrepancies in the quantity of petroleum products
  • Assure the quality of petroleum products
  • Avoid customer complaints and protect your brand
The Intertek advantage

With a network of over 1,000 labs across the world along with decades of experience and world-class knowledge in this niche area, we are the ideal Total Quality Assurance partner to deliver you both equipment testing and inspection services.

The benefits of AILS:

  • Reliability in the parameters analysed: density, water and sediments
  • Waste reduction
  • Reduced downtime
  • Elimination of possible human error in manual sampling
  • Rapid response to maintenance problems with both online and remote support
AILS: the highest quality standards

Our AILS samplers are designed and manufactured at Intertek Caleb Brett Italy in accordance with the highest oil industry standards including: ISO 3171, API 8.2, ASTM D4177-20 and ATEX.
In addition, Intertek’s AILS can be certified to UKCA, IECEx, Hazardous location for North America and other local regulations.

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