Natural gas testing and analysis expertise.

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Intertek laboratories provide natural gas quality and component analysis. Natural gas testing includes the analysis of conventional and shale gas, LNG, and other hydrocarbon condensates and components. Gases analyzed include hydrocarbons (C1 to C6+) such as methane, ethane, propane, iso-butane, n-butane, iso-pentane, n-pentane, and hexane, plus heavier molecules.

Natural gas labs test to trace detection levels for impurities. Natural gas trace impurities include hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, mercury, sulfur, water, and other components.

Natural Gas TestsNatural Gas Test Methods
Natural Gas Composition Analysis:ASTM D1945, GPA 2261, ISO 6974, UOP 539, GC-MS, etc.
Methanemol %
Ethane C2mol %
Propane C3mol %
Iso Butane C4mol %
Normal Butanemol %
Iso Pentane C5mol %
Normal Pentanemol %
Hexane plus Heavier mol %
Total C6 carbonmol %
Total C7 carbonmol %
Trace Metals in Natural Gasppm
Nitrogenmol %
Carbon Dioxidemol %
Oxygenmol %
Total SulfurASTM D5504, ISO 6326, etc.
Hydrogen SulfideASTM D5504, ISO 6326, etc.
Energy CalculationsASTM D3588, GPA 2172, ISO 6976
Relative DensityCalculated
Molecular WeightCalculated
Gross Heating Value (GHV)Calculated
Net Heating Value (NHV)Calculated
Natural Gas Liquids Testing 
Shale Gas Analysis 
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