Natural Gas Liquids (NGL, Condensates) testing, purity, and composition analysis.

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Intertek laboratories test and analyze natural gas liquids condensates (NGLs) for purity, components, and contamination, down to trace and ultra-trace levels. Natural gas liquids are valuable hydrocarbon products associated with natural gas production, and are also referred to as "condensates" or "wet gas". Natural gas liquids include ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes and C5+ hydrocarbon molecules. Sampling in the field is easy to arrange, and samples can be tested at any stage of the NGL production and supply-chain.

Trained field personnel help support client NGL condensate operations with bulk cargo inspection and testing services.

NGL condensate testing capabilities:

  • Purity and component analysis
  • ASTM, IP, ISO, GPA, and other NGL test methods
  • Trace contamination identification 
  • Trace residue analysis
  • BTUs assessments
  • Sulfur, chloride, mercaptans, mercury, and other content
  • Density, vapor pressure
  • Corrosion
  • Moisture
  • and other NGL and natural gas related testing


Eagle Ford Crude Condensate Bubbling

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