23 Jan 2023

Update to regulated products for Conformity Assessment at Destination (CAD) for goods imported in to Morocco

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) of Morocco have included three new categories of products for inclusion under the Conformity Assessment at Destination (CAD) programme:

  • GASKETS - NM 22.1.039: 2020
  • SANDWICH PANELS-NM EN 14509: 2015
  • DOMESTIC COOKWARE- NM EN 12983-1:2020

MICEVN based on a risk assessment process will select a particular shipment for CAD certification and assign the conformity verification work to any one of the service providers (such as Intertek). On receiving the conformity verification request through the MICEVN’s SCI Platform, Intertek will invoice the Importer and perform the necessary conformity assessment activity on the product(s)/shipment(s).

Exporters/Importers of other regulated products in the respective country of supply having shipments to Morocco are required to provide a CoC for its Customs clearance in accordance with the Verification of Conformity (VoC) programme requirements. This certificate can only be obtained from an MICEVN Approved Inspection Body, such as Intertek.

Intertek can help you meet the requirements of the programme both within the country of supply or at destination subject to the regulatory status of the products.

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