Inspection (ISO 17020 SAE) for the Verification of Conformity of Labels and Markings of Products Exported to Ecuador

The Ecuador Authorities, Servicio de Acreditacion Ecuatoriano (Ecuador Accreditation Service) and Servicio Ecuatoriano de Normalizacion (Ecuador Institute of Standards) have authorised Intertek Ecuador to operate a Verification of Conformity programme for the labels or markings of certain products imported into Ecuador.  Verification is based on the physical inspection of labels and markings of goods either in the country of export or at the destination.  

Intertek Ecuador is accredited by the SAE - Ecuadorian Accreditation Service, under the ISO 17065 standard, for product certification, according to RTE INEN, Without a Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Inspection the goods will not be cleared by Customs.

When the labels or markings of the goods have been verified as meeting the requirements of the regulations issued by the Ecuador Institute of Standards, a Certificate of Inspection will be issued by Intertek Ecuador.  Intertek inspects your cargo beforehand to avoid sanctions from the authorities.

Intertek Ecuador also issues Certificates of Compliance for labeling and marking requirements under voluntary schemes for imports of tiles and ceramics and for imports of footwear, leather goods, and textiles within the Andean Community of Nations.

Once the verification process is concluded accredited bodies such as Intertek GTS, will issue a certificate of inspection and or a Non-Conformity Report depending on the findings.   

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