18 Jun 2024

The Bureau of Customs of the Republic of the Philippines mandates that all bulk or break bulk shipments exported to the Philippines must undergo a survey by an approved company like Intertek.

The survey assesses the correct dutiable weight, quantity, description of goods according to tariff codes, and cargo quality or specifications. If the findings are satisfactory, Intertek issues a Load Port Survey Report to the Bureau of Customs. This report enables the importer to utilize Advanced Clearance Procedures.

Pre-Shipment Survey Requirements

Shipments lacking the report will be subject to a comprehensive cargo survey at the Port of Discharge, and the importer may face penalties.

The pre-shipment survey applies to:

  • All bulk cargo shipments (dry or liquid cargo loaded directly into a vessel's hold in an unpackaged, loose form)
  • All break bulk cargo shipments (non-containerized cargo stored in boxes, bales, pallets etc.)

Containerized and air freight shipments are exempted from this programme. However, containers like flat racks, open tops, and hi-tops also require the survey.

The inspection covers:

  • Importer's declaration
  • Physical inspection 
  • Pricing and tariff coding as per declared customs duty payable
  • Review of final invoice details like number, date, importer/exporter names, quantities, descriptions, prices, incoterms, weights, shipping marks, container/seal numbers etc.

For full details of how Intertek can help you meet the requirements of the Philippines Bulk and Break Bulk Programme please download our Exporter Guidelines.

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