04 Sep 2019

Inspection Certificate for Used Vehicles Exported to Mauritius

Intertek has been appointed by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Republic of Mauritius, to carry out pre-shipment inspections on used vehicles and issue inspection certificates, as provided for in the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations.

The pre-shipment inspection requirement was implemented to assure consumers in Mauritius of the quality and safety of used vehicles that they are purchasing.

Imports of all used motor vehicles must be accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by an approved inspection body such as Intertek.

The inspection has several requirements including:

  • The vehicle must be in a roadworthy and useable condition and will be subject to a vehicle condition survey including not having been subject to flood or other water damage and must be right-hand drive.
  • Bull bars are prohibited.
  • The vehicle is inspected no earlier than 2 months before shipment.
  • Proof of ownership will be required to show the vehicle is not stolen

Where the vehicle is imported from Japan, the auction grade of that vehicle is required.

Specified age requirements from the date of first registration:

  • Motor Cars: must be more than 18 months old and less than 4 years
  • Dual purpose vehicles: must be more than 18 months old and less than 3 years
  • Goods vehicles: No more than 6 years old
  • Vans: No more than 4 years old
  • Motor buses: No more than 3 years old

All used vehicles must meet the requirements and obtain the Inspection Certificate to enable Customs clearance.

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