Exporting used equipment or machinery to India? You are required to obtain a Chartered Engineers Certificate (CEC), this is mandatory and must be issued before your goods are shipped

Intertek, a globally recognized inspection and testing company, boasts extensive expertise in issuing Chartered Engineer Certificates (CEC) through qualified and registered/approved Chartered Engineers and Valuers. Intertek provides swift and precise services and is accredited by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India, the governing body responsible for setting trade guidelines for importers and exporters.

Our Services

  • Intertek’s CEC inspectors conduct thorough physical assessments of machinery and issue CECs, providing comprehensive details including original and current values, manufacturing date, serial numbers, residual life, and potential repair costs, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Our CEC inspectors conduct these physical assessments within 4 days of request receipt. Intertek’s reports, delivered within the same timeframe, offer detailed and accurate information to meet all regulatory requirements.

Intertek works with many governments around the world to ensure that goods exported to their countries meet standards of safety and quality and also assists exporters to countries such as India to ensure compliance with these requirements and smooth customs clearance.

Why Choose Intertek?

  • With extensive expertise and a global reputation for excellence, Intertek ensures high-quality service and reliable certification processes.
  • Our team of highly skilled Engineers and Valuers guarantees precise and swift services.

By choosing Intertek, you benefit from a seamless and efficient process, ensuring your machinery meets all necessary standards and regulations for import and export.  

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