Exporters/Importers trading in Food for the State of Qatar need to comply with the requirements of the Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)

The Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) guideline regulates the import of food product consignments in order to clear their Consignments on its arrival at the Qatari Ports/Borders. Consignments of specific food categories issued with a CoC by an approved Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), such as Intertek, would benefit from a faster clearance of goods and reduced intervention at the destination by Qatar Customs Authorities.

This programme aims, under the supervision and management of the MoPH, to provide safe food products to consumers as well as a fast and direct Customs clearance of imported foods since the consignments will be verified and certified at the country of supply.

Intertek was awarded a contract by MoPH to support with Certification services for specific food product categories supplied from various countries.

Regulated Food categories include Processed Food Products, Meat and Meat Products, Milk and its Products, Table Eggs and its Products, Aquatic Organisms Suitable for Human Consumption and their Products, Honey and Bee Products, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Unprocessed Plant Products).

Certain products have been classified as HARAM (Prohibited) in Qatar such as, but not limited to, Pork and Pork products, Foodstuff and preparations from Animal blood, Wines, and Intoxicants may be subject to certain import prohibitions.

The Food Product and the Importer shall be registered in the Ministry of Public Health electronic system “WATHEQ”, and the Product shall have a valid Product Registration Number (PRN/QFR).

Importers and exporters will also have to ensure that their suppliers understand the quality, safety and suitability requirements for food products and also ensure that the food products are fully compliant with applicable food law and regulations for the Qatari market.

To obtain this Certificate of Conformity, food consignments will be subject, at the country of supply, to Inspection verification, Product Testing, documentary review and consignment sealing, where applicable.

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