24 Mar 2022

Exporting to Morocco - Textiles have now been added to the regulated product list

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) of Morocco have included Textile Fabrics used for Manufacturing of Apparel/Clothes as regulated under the Kingdom of Morocco Verification of Conformity Programme (VoC), effective immediately.

Exporters/Importers of such product shipments to Morocco are required to provide a CoC for it’s Customs clearance in accordance with the VoC programme requirements. This certificate can only be obtained from a MICEVN Approved Inspection Body such as Intertek. Meanwhile, Textile Fabrics used for Upholstery and purposes other than for the Manufacturing of Apparel/Clothes are regulated at the destination.

MICEVN have provided a transition period until 7th of May 2022 that will allow Importers of Textile products to clear their shipments in Moroccan Ports/Borders without obtaining a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). However, in such cases, the shipment will be subject to additional controls by the Moroccan authorities (Mandatory sampling and testing in an accredited Moroccan lab) at the destination.  

Intertek can help you meet the requirements of the programme both within the country of supply export or at the destination subject to the regulatory status of the products.

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