Professional oil and gas field sampling services, from the well-head to the refinery.

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Accurately sampling natural gas, crude oil, and condensates on-site for laboratory analysis is crucial to generating quality data. Intertek technicians are trained in the proper sampling techniques and understand production and transportation processes, helping to assure samples are procured using correct methods and from correct locations.

Highly trained Intertek hydrocarbon sampling specialists procure samples from pressurized and atmospheric sample points, offshore and on land. All samples are taken in accordance with industry approved methods, including ASTM, API, GPA, and other relevant standards.

If needed, samples can be packaged and rapidly shipped per industry and governmental regulations.

Intertek’s expert field sampling services are unique, because professional sampling is offered from the wellhead, through the production process, to the stock tank, and beyond. In addition, Intertek offers dedicated teams which handle specialized crude oil sampling from rail cars, trucks, and barges.

Oil and Gas Sample Procurement Services: 

  • Allocation Samples
  • Automated Sampling Systems
  • ASTM Sampling
  • API Chapter 14.1 Natural Gas Sampling
  • BTU Testing
  • Crude Sampling
  • Condensate Sampling
  • CO2 Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Crude Processing
  • Crude Marketing
  • Crude Blending
  • Downhole Sample Transfer 
  • Enhanced Production Services
  • Emissions Testing
  • Fiscal Metering and Measurement
  • Flare Regulations
  • Floating Piston Cylinder Inspection and Repair
  • Flow Back Sampling
  • GPA-2166 Natural Gas Sampling
  • H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point
    • High Pressure Sampling
    • LNG, NGL, LPG Sampling
    • LACT Sampling
    • Length of Stain Tube Testing
    • Manual Sampling of Crude Oil
    • Natural Gas Sampling
    • Pipeline Specifications
    • Process Sampling
    • PVT Sampling
    • Pressurized Sampling
    • Pipeline Quality Sampling
    • Quality Bank Sampling
    • Rail Transportation, Crude by Rail
    • RVP Sampling
    • Stock Tank Sampling
    • Source Water Sampling
    • Sulfur Testing
    • Top Sides Separation Sampling
    • Truck Transportation
    • Wellhead Sampling
    • And additional field services 

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