Contamination testing and analysis for lubricating oils and fluids.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Optimize Equipment Performance with Advanced Contamination Testing for Lubricating Oils and Fluids

Protect your critical machinery from the hidden dangers of lubricant contamination. In sectors like industry, power generation, and transportation, unnoticed contamination in lubricating oils and fluids can lead to significant equipment damage, machinery failure, and unexpected operational disruptions.

Intertek Caleb Brett’s Oil Condition Quality Monitoring: Early Detection for Proactive Maintenance

Our specialized oil condition quality monitoring program is designed to identify and quantify contaminants in in-service lubricants and fluids. By detecting contamination early, our clients are empowered to undertake proactive preventative maintenance, averting more severe issues down the line.

Comprehensive Contamination Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

Our contamination analysis of used oils and fluids is meticulous, capable of detecting contaminants even at trace levels. We focus on identifying trace metals originating from engine and machinery wear, providing crucial insights into equipment condition and degradation. Our testing extends to cover moisture, unknown particles, chemicals, and other potentially harmful components present in the oil, ensuring a thorough understanding of your equipment's lubricant health.

Oil condition monitoring tests

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