Used oil condition testing, trend analysis, and monitoring help guard against costly equipment damage and repairs.

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Used oil evaluation, trend analysis, and oil condition testing from Intertek provides valuable early warning if the lubricants and fluids in your expensive equipment are experiencing contamination or degradation. Lubricant contamination and degradation are sure signs of potential or impending equipment wear, damage, or shut-down.

Used oil testing measurements are monitored for adverse trending, include wear metals, acid number, viscosity, water, and other key analysis. To capture these early warning trends, used oil samples are taken from equipment and engines and tested at periodic time intervals. Oil condition trend analysis can identify problems in the early stages of development, allowing time for corrective action to be taken before valuable equipment experiences costly repair and down-time.

Used oil condition trend analysis helps extend operations, reduce shutdowns, and mitigate down-time for large engines, power-trains, pumps, gears, bearings and other expensive system components. Intertek operates a 24/7 global network of oil condition laboratories, allowing clients fast and prompt test results.

Additional ferrography, failure analysis, chemical analysis, forensic analysis, and materials analysis expertise can help troubleshoot problems and pinpoint root causes.

Oil condition trend testing:

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