ShipCare maritime industry lubricant quality scanning, testing and monitoring.

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Monitoring lubricant condition and quality helps protect expensive large engines and equipment from costly failure and down-time.

Shipping, maritime, offshore, and others depend upon Intertek's ShipCare lubricant quality scanning (LQS) services to ensure the integrity of their lubricants and operating systems.

With over 25 years of experience, Intertek goes beyond simply supplying test data; we provide important service recommendations based on the test data obtained from our laboratory analysis. Lubricant testing data, collected over time, identifies and tracks potential problems related to trends in engine and parts wear, based on the composition and amounts of contaminants found, providing an early-warning system to help avoid costly engine shutdowns.

When interpreting the lubricant analysis, Intertek data consultants look closely at critical parameters, providing essential information that will save costly down-time and emergency repairs. 

Intertek oil condition monitoring technical consultants offer guidance, explain test results, discuss maintenance history, and suggest corrective actions when needed.

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