Maritime ship engine and power system lubricant quality tests for ships and other vessels.

Ship, marine, and offshore engines, drivetrain, and other components are exposed to harsh and demanding environments. So too are the lubricants used to ensure mechanical operations and protect these expensive systems. 

The Intertek oil condition monitoring Lubricant Quality Scan (LQS) program provides marine clients with full test and engineering interpretation of lubricant quality testing data. Intertek providing ship clients with a comprehensive test report for the condition of lubricating oils and health of expensive ship machinery. Armed with this data, ship owners, operators, and others can take steps to replace lubricants before they fail, and repair onboard systems before there is an expense or catastrophic mechanical failure.

Lubricant quality and condition testing reports for ship engines and other ship machinery:

High levels of wear particles may give advance warning of possible ship engine malfunction, allowing early remedial action to be taken. A good overall wear metals results suggest no undue wearing is taking place, and the operator may extend the interval between services or the life of the oil charge, reducing ship operating costs and environmental problems associated with waste-oil disposal. 

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