Oil refinery distillation column feed testing for US-EPA emissions compliance.

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Intertek supports USA refiners with Distillation Column Feed Analysis, as they meet the EPA directive regarding New Emissions Testing, Section 114 ICR. To comply with the directive, refineries need to conduct a new and updated Air Emissions Inventory.

Refinery emissions compliance requires data from Distillation Column Feed Analysis. Specified refiners must conduct source tests for emissions from hydrocrackers, fluid and delayed coker units, fluid and thermal catalytic cracking units, catalytic reformer units, hydrogen plants, sulfur recovery units, fuel gas systems, and more. Intertek supports refinery air emission inventory projects with laboratory and field sampling services for distillation column feed tests.

Distillation column feed analysis tests:

  • Higher Heating Value: ASTM D5865, ASTM D240, ASTM E711
  • Density, API Gravity: ASTM D287, ASTM D1217, ASTM D1481, ASTM D4052, API Gravity
  • Mercury: SW-846-7470A, EPA 1631E, SW-846-1631E, SW-846-1631, EPA 821-R-01-013
  • Chlorine: ASTM E776, SW-846-9250, SW-846-5050, -9056, -9076, -9250
  • Sulfur: ASTM D129, ASTM D1552, ASTM D2622
  • Total Selected Metals: SW-846-6020, -6020A, , SW-846-6010B, SW-846-7740, SW-846-7060, or -7060A 
  • Metals tested to meet the distillation feed composition requirement include antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel and selenium.
  • Trace Metals in Petroleum

Sampling and collection of distillation feed samples:

Intertek field personnel can sample, collect, and deliver refinery feedstock samples to the laboratory for testing, or will test samples provided by the refiner. Sampling procedures must follow ASTM D4057 for manual sampling and ASTM D4177 for automatic sampling. 

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