Pipeline contamination analysis, identification, and testing

Intertek Caleb Brett

Pipeline contamination and unknown deposits occur in crude oil, petroleum, natural gas, fuel, and chemical pipelines. When pipeline contamination occurs operations can be disrupted, quality control suffers, and economic losses are taken. Intertek helps clients quickly solve pipeline contamination problems, providing the expert knowledge and capabilities needed to identify the contamination, help point to the contamination source, and identify the root-cause of the problem.

Pipeline contamination, unknown precipitates, and sludge can originate from incompatible product mixing (pipeline transmix), contaminated products, wall coatings, welds, additives, corrosion, and other sources. Laboratory expertise used to identify pipeline contamination include GC, GC/MS, ICP, ICP/MS, and more, with an ability to look at trace and ultra-trace pipeline contamination at ppm, ppb and ppt levels.

Pipeline contamination testing:

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