Pipeline transmix products testing.

Pipeline transmix interfaces and related pipeline products are tested by Intertek for contamination and quality assessments.

Pipeline sample testing provides measurements for a wide range of chemical and physical properties in the transmix products, including sulfur content and molecular species, octane, cetane, FAME, and many other tests as required.

Pipeline testing includes trace level compound analysis and identification of unknown materials, precipitation, and contamination found in the transmix or on the pipeline wall, such as films, coatings, precipitates and more.

The client or Intertek personnel obtain samples of the transmix and related pipeline products in the field and deliver them to an appropriate Intertek laboratory for prompt testing, depending upon location and urgency. Samples are quickly and easily shipped to one of Intertek's global petroleum laboratories.

Various petroleum refined products are subject to co-mingling during shipment in a multi-product pipeline. Transmix often occurs at the beginning and end of a product shipment, since it is shipped in sequence with other products in order to keep the pipeline full and flowing. Products subject to potential transmix co-mingling include gasoline, diesel, and aviation-gasoline, home heating oil, biofuel blends, and other pipeline fuels. Intertek helps pipeline customers measure and determine the nature and amount of transmix products in the pipeline system.

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