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Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) provides in-depth molecular composition testing data for crude oil feedstocks, fuels, and other petroleum products. DHA supports petroleum refining and oil & gas exploration and production clients, helping them optimize production, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance refiner profitability.

Crude oil and petroleum refined products are composed of thousands of hydrocarbon compounds. Hydrocarbon analytical techniques produce composition information about the individual molecular and elemental components in hydrocarbon feedstocks, intermediate products, and final refined products. Intertek petroleum scientists and chemists have years of experience in detailed hydrocarbon analysis and other petroleum related testing. The labs follow ASTM, ISO, and other recognized industry standard tests and procedures, along with in-house and client methods.

Detailed hydrocarbon analysis tests:

  • ASTM D5134: Detailed analysis of petroleum naphthas through n-Nonane by gas chromatography (GC).
  • ASTM D6729: Individual components in spark ignition fuels by high resolution GC.
  • ASTM D6730: Individual components in spark ignition fuels by (pre-column) high resolution GC.
  • ASTM D6733: Individual components in spark ignition fuels by capillary high resolution GC.
  • Additional hydrocarbon analysis is available, including GC/MS, ICP/MS and more.
  • Petroleum Trace Analysis
  • Gas Chromatography Testing for Petroleum

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