Below are some frequently asked questions about Calibration to help you through the testing process.

Do my certificates require due dates? 

Many factors contribute to the actual due date, and a majority of the factors can't be assessed by the calibration laboratory. Factors such as drift, manufacturer's recommendations, calibration history, and end usage all contribute to when an item should be recalled for calibration. The customer is the authority on these matters. If a due date appears on your certificates or stickers, it's only listed as a convenience to the user - and is not indicative of a concrete date that the instrument is due for calibration.
Section of the standard states:

"A calibration certificate (or label) shall not contain any recommendation on the calibration interval except where this has been agreed with the client. This requirement may be superseded by legal regulations."

I lost my certificate. How do I get a new one?

You can always contact us for a new certificate but a more efficient way is to become a My TestCentral user. My TestCentral is a central online repository that contains all of your calibration information, data and certificates, for each item that is calibrated by Intertek.

My certificate contains incorrect information. How do I get it revised?

Contact Intertek Costumer Operations Services by dialing 303-402-5243. Have your certificate ready for reference. We'll email the revised certificate or sticker to you.

I need my order fast. Can I call ahead of time to pre-schedule?
We are here to meet your schedule, if next day service is necessary we will do everything possible to meet your requirements, however an expedite fee will apply.

Can I have my equipment calibrated at my facility?

This depends on exactly what the equipment is. Please contact us to determine whether or not an on-site calibration is applicable.
I need my order fast. Can I call ahead of time to pre-schedule?

We are here to meet your schedule, if next-day service is necessary, we will do everything possible to meet your requirements. However, a fee for expedited service will apply.

What is Laboratory Accreditation?

Laboratory accreditation is defined as formal recognition of an organization's technical competency to perform specific tests, types of tests, or calibrations.

The general requirements for laboratory accreditation are contained in ISO/IEC 17025. This standard contains quality system requirements and technical requirements that the laboratories must meet. Laboratory accreditation requirements, however, go beyond just ISO/IEC 17025.

What is the "Scope of Accreditation"?

The list of specific tests, types of tests or calibrations for which a laboratory is found competent is listed in a Scope of Accreditation. The final content of the scope must be approved by the assessor(s) and the selected members of the accreditor. For calibration laboratories, the scope normally includes the parameters, ranges of measurement, the best uncertainty associated with each range, and the techniques/equipment used to perform the calibrations.