Intertek provides calibration services for Electrostatic Discharge Generators.This calibration provides contact discharge waveform data that is compared to the requirements listed in IEC 61000-4-2, the basic standard .

The table shown below describes our scope of accreditation for electrostatic discharge generator calibrations:

Parameter/EquipmentRangeBest Uncertainty (±)Comments
ESD -IEC 61000-4-2 TDS 680B scope MD 102 target 20dB attenuator
Contact Discharge (+/-)(2 to 8) kV4.3%
Rise Time(0.7 to 1) ns5.7%
Peak Current(6 to 34) A4.3%
30 ns Current(2 to 21) A4.7%
60 ns Current(1.5 to 10.5) A4.4%
Indicated Voltage(2 to 25) kV4.3%