We provide calibration services for a variety of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) voltage test probes.

These probes vary from a Task-Off probe to simple voltage probes that connect directly to AC or DC power lines and couple interference into the measurement receiver, however the coupler reduces the value by 20 dB to 30 dB, based on the device.

Our process follows the requirements of ANSI C63.5, resulting in very granular data collection throughout the frequency spectrum. While this procedure may produce many data points, we will reduce the coupling factor data to a manageable value while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1 dB with respect to the full breath of data.

The table shown below describes our scope of accreditation for voltage probe calibration.

Parameter/EquipmentRangeBest Uncertainty (±)Comments
Voltage Probes150 kHz to
30 MHz
0.48 dBANSI C63.5
Annex 1
ANSI C63.5
with HP8594E,