Intertek’s global network of experts are your partners in ensuring you and your organization are equipped with the vital training and up to date knowledge you need to get your products to market

Our comprehensive range of expert-developed courses are tailored to meet your needs, providing you and your team with a thorough understanding of SEMI S2 and its associated requirements. These courses come in flexible durations of one hour, three hours, and eight hours, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your schedule and depth of knowledge desired.

At Intertek, we take pride in our ability to customize training experiences to suit your specific preferences. You can opt for in-person sessions at Intertek facilities, virtual training from any location, or even on-site training at your own facility, ensuring the utmost convenience and effectiveness.

Moreover, we recognize that every team has unique levels of experience and knowledge, which is why our training content can be tailored accordingly. Whether your team is new to the subject or looking for advanced insights, we will provide targeted materials to cater to their specific requirements.

For those seeking more comprehensive training, our experts are ready to offer extended programs of up to five days. These programs not only cover SEMI standards but also delve into the intricacies of electrical safety standards and regional requirements, equipping your team with a well-rounded skillset.

Stay ahead in the industry with our training programs, designed to keep you well-informed about the latest industry requirements and best practices. With our courses, your team will be equipped to meet industry standards and excel in their respective roles, contributing to the success of your organization.


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