UN 38.3 and the Transportation of Lithium Batteries: A Webinar Series

Join us for a two-part webinar series covering not only the basics of the UN 38.3 Lithium Battery standard, but also goes beyond the standard itself for some important areas to consider. Both webinars are complimentary, and you can join for either session, or both!

Session 1: The Basics of UN 38.3 and the Requirements for the Transportation of Lithium Batteries

You may already be aware that transportation agencies globally require testing to the UN 38.3 standard be completed before such batteries may be offered for transport by air, ground, sea or rail.

This free on-demand webinar examines several common challenges and misunderstandings faced by manufacturers when planning for this critical testing to help you prepare in advance.

Among the number of topics covered, include:

  • Cell and Battery Types & Definitions
  • Latest updates to the UN 38.3, 7th Edition requirements
  • Which tests are required for each type
  • When and how to reduce samples and testing
  • Interpreting the test criteria and when does a new battery require testing.
  • And more…

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Session 2: Lithium Battery Transportation: Going Beyond the UN 38.3 Tests

Now that we are aware of the basics of UN 38.3 and testing, this complimentary on-demand webinar expands into several additional topics surrounding the global standard.

Among the areas discussed, include:

  • UN 38.3 Test Summary Requirements
  • Navigating Dangerous Goods regulations, as they apply to Lithium Ion batteries
  • Updated documentation and labeling requirements
  • Testing requirements beyond the UN 38.3 tests
  • How does China fit into this?
  • Online resources for more information.
  • And more…

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