More than 1.2 million organisations globally are certified to ISO 9001.

Persistent pressures from global competition demand continuous improvement of products, services, and business processes to remain competitive. Additionally new challenges and risks such as the global COVID-19 pandemic have impacted and changed the global business landscape, and organizations must adapt in order to continue to thrive under the new realities and changing needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties. ISO 9001 provides the framework for a quality management system that helps businesses identify risks and opportunities, while taking action to address these risks and opportunities that are proportionate to their potential impact on products and services. This risk-based thinking approach assists organisations in improving customer satisfaction and becoming more efficient, while adapting and responding to changes and contingencies impacting their business operations.

The quality management systems standard is generic in nature and relevant for organisations of all sizes and sectors. It considers new workplace technologies and has an advanced focus on the quality of outputs to customers.

ISO 9001 Overview

  • Focus on risk-based thinking that helps identify opportunities in a structured manner.
  • Based on the idea of continuous improvement.
  • Places greater emphasis on leadership engagement.
  • Effectively addresses supply chain management.
  • Uses simplified language and writing styles to aid understanding and consistent interpretations of its requirements.

Benefits for my organisation

  • Provides a solid foundation to build an organisation able to withstand and adapt to the challenges of changing markets and customer needs over time
  • Put your customers first to enhance their satisfaction by making sure you consistently meet their needs as well as relevant statutory and regulatory requirements related to products and services.
  • Establish a framework for improved performance of the organisation by implementing systematic processes to prevent nonconformities
  • Capability to implement the holistic approach of risk-based thinking in managing emergencies deriving from situations that are difficult to predict such as COVID-19, ensuring the same level of quality of the product / service provided to customers as well as determining the suitable environment (implementation of the health protocols defined by national and international legislation) necessary for the operation of processes and to achieve conformity of products and services
  • Global recognition

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More Information on ISO 9001

More information regarding the value of accredited certification can be found at and 

Learn more about the expected outcomes of ISO 9001 from

Access and purchase ISO 9001 standard in a format that suits your needs with IntertekInform.

For more information on the standard can be found on the website run by ISO/TC 176/SC 2, the group of experts behind the standard, visit

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