Assurance Solutions Based on the Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1251 Year 2021

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Intertek’s Umrah Assurance services are designed to support travel agencies specialising in providing services related to the performance of Umrah, a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Umrah travel agencies typically offer a range of services, such as visa processing, flight and hotel bookings, transportation to and from the airport, and assistance with the rituals and procedures of performing Umrah. They may also provide packages that include tours and sightseeing in other parts of Saudi Arabia.

Our Umrah Assurance audit solution is based on the Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1251 Year 2021 and is an accredited audit program verifing Umrah and/or Special Hajj Organising services meet standards and/or regulations to maintain the safety of those making a pilgrimage.

Intertek is a trusted PPIU Certification Institution and has been accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN – Komite Akreditasi Nasional) No. LSUHK-006-IDN.

The Submission of PPIU Certification Applications

PPIU organization can apply for PPIU certification to the Director General through SISKOPATUH by uploading all the appropriate requirements.

PPIU organization can contact LSUHK PT Intertek Utama Services to get a cooperation agreement.

Information for certification application can be submitted by filling out the Client Information Form F101-PPIU and sending it to LSUHK PT Intertek Utama Services at

The PPIU evaluation process is in accordance with the Accreditation Scheme and Criteria as well as Business Certification for Organizing Umrah Pilgrimage and Organizing Special Hajj Pilgrimage based on the Decree of the Minister of Religion (KMA) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1251 year 2021. The main principles evaluated include:

  1. Ability to provide administrative service office facilities and infrastructure in order to support operational activities
  2. Ability to provide adequate human resources (HR) in terms of quantity and quality to support the implementation of activities
  3. Ability to provide services to the Congregation.
  4. Ability to implement a good business management system (good corporate management).

Certification Fee

This certification fee consists of:

  1. Audit fee
  2. Travel and accommodation fee 

Source of funds of PT Intertek Utama Services is obtained from audit fee that is billed/charged to the audited umrah travel agency and in order to run the audit and/or anticipate any cost incurred because of the demands of other parties, therefore PT Intertek Utama Services is cooperating with insurance company appointed as the guarantee process.

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and appeals can be submitted by PPIU organization to PT Intertek Utama Services in accordance with KMA 1251 of 2021 and regulated in GOP 208 Handling of Disputes and Appeals and GOP 216 Penanganan Keluhan.

Certification Transfer

PPIU organization can transfer certificates from other certification bodies to LSUHK PT Intertek Utama Services or vice versa in accordance with the provisions of KMA 1251. Details of the transfer process are regulated in GOP 101-LSUHK Transfer Process.

Suspension, Revocation and Reactivation of Certificates

LSUHK PT Intertek Utama Services can suspense, reactivate, and revocation PPIU certificate in accordance with the provisions of KMA 1251 and regulated in GOP209 Proses Pembekuan dan Penarikan PPIU.

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