Policy Statement for Management Systems Certification

Our Policy, as defined by the Business Assurance Senior Management Team, is to provide our clients with consistent, quality service.

To achieve this, Intertek Business Assurance has established as part of its policy the following:

  • understand the importance of impartiality and confidentiality in carrying out its management system certification activities;
  • manage conflict of interest and ensure objectivity of its management system certification activities;
  • identify clients' requirements, measure its performance against those requirements, and continuously implement initiatives to improve its services;
  • continuously innovate ways to serve our clients'/stakeholders' needs;
  • develop and offer high-quality services that meet the needs of the community and our clients with regard to the quality/environmental/safety impacts of our operations and services;
  • maintain international recognition of our services in support of our clients' current and future requirements and expectations, including continuing professional development of our staff;
  • continually satisfy the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021 and the related IAF Mandatory Documents and the other documents related to the various services offered by Intertek and issued by the relevant Accreditation Bodies and Sector Authority Organizations.

This policy is communicated to all levels of Intertek staff as part of their orientation process.

The following documents are also available for your information:

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