Validate the strength of your supply chain through individualised auditing solutions.

Globalization has brought a new level of complexity to every supply chain. It is difficult and time consuming to monitor suppliers and plants when they are located all over the world. However, if you don't have full transparency into their processes, you may be putting the quality and reliability of your end product or service at risk.

In addition to the many assurance solutions Intertek offers, we can create custom audits for your organisation. When you outsource your second-party auditing to us, you get more than a findings report. You get a business partner dedicated to helping you ensure stronger, more transparent quality control processes while saving you valuable time and money.

Benefits to a custom audit:

  • We partner and work on behalf of your executive management to ensure corporate objectives are understood, realised, and maintained. Whether new divisions, new objectives, or as a means of risk assessment, we partner with your team to assess and report on results for baseline metrics and continual improvement.
  • Our global network of auditors allows Intertek to deliver a custom solution to protect your brand against product variation, social responsibility and sustainability issues, and management system evaluations.

Other types of audits:

  • Unannounced Consumer Sampling: Evaluate your customer experience from pre-sale to post-sale transactions. Our experienced auditors will provide you the insight into your retail or web-based store to provide objective, factual, and relevant information about how your customers are treated and to the effectiveness of the sales process.
  • Brazil Factory Audits: We offer Brazil Factory Audits throughout North and South America. Our services support both commercial appliances and medical device applications as they are managed out of our Brazil office. This supports the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) which was created by law in December 1973, to support Brazilian enterprises, to increase their productivity, as well as the quality of goods and services.
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