Think Green Initiative (TGI)

Consumers, governments and communities alike are concerned with how the manufacturing of consumer products affects the environment.


While retailers and brands work to demonstrate good environmental governance across their supply chains, suppliers are concurrently being asked to continuously improve their environmental performance. Intertek’s Think Green Initiative (TGI) empowers leading suppliers to showcase environmental good practices while simultaneously:

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving material efficiency
  • Practicing green manufacturing good practice, and
  • Ensuring the organization meets the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers

With Intertek’s web-based platform and deep environmental expertise, TGI has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring factories’ environmental performance and ultimately assuring improved performance.

The Think Green Initiative Toolkit Includes:

  • Two Core Compliance Modules
    – Environmental Legal Compliance Review
    – Environmental Management System (EMS) Review
  • Six Environmental Modules
    – Water
    – Energy
    – Hazardous Materials, Equipment and Waste
    – Air Emissions
    – Noise Emissions
    – Sustainable Production

TGI benefits your business providing greater visibility on environmental commitment and performance by:

  • Meeting environmental regulatory requirements
  • Reducing both environmental footprint and costs
  • Improving material efficiency through better resource management, including recycling, reuse of materials, and waste reduction
  • Acquiring sustainable business practices
  • Leveraging insights for green production and sustainable purchasing
  • Achieving good corporate governance and preferred supplier status
  • Demonstrating commitment and robust “Green” credentials to stakeholders
  • (Investors, Employees, Community and Customers)

Think Green Initiative - Achievement Award:

Upon satisfactory completion of the TGI assessment and performance criteria, the manufacturer will receive an “Achievement Award.”

See What Our Customers Have to Say:

"As a world leading supplier of consumer, professional and industrial products marketed to the home improvement, repair and construction industries, TTI (Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd) has embraced green manufacturing. The Think Green Initiative (TGI) program was of great help to TTI in becoming environmental conscious by providing guidelines on decreasing our carbon footprint through setting performance standards and benchmarking against industry peers. The momentum from the TGI program has facilitated the completion of several environmental focused projects within TTI. We have reduced excessive light sources, eliminated a number of unnecessary water heaters, installed water re-chilling systems for the central air conditioning as well as improved molding machine efficiency. We have also enhanced our recycling system through the reuse of packing materials and recycling of waste water. The TGI program has facilitated the reduction of our carbon output by more than 4,000 tons per year while reducing operational costs. We are proud to become the first Global Manufacturer to be awarded the Think Green Initiative Achievement Award, and we look forward to participating in future TGI programs." - Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

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