Intertek’s Think Green Initiative empowers leading suppliers to showcase environmental good practices.

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The Think Green Initiative (TGI) audit program works to identify, assess, view metrics, best practices, and emerging technologies that advance on important aspects of environmental performance related to management systems, greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage, waste generation, hazardous substances, and product life cycle.

As companies increasingly view their business strategies, investments, and business models through the lens of environmental sustainability, they have come to appreciate the extent to which their supply chains account for the largest potential positive impact contributions to a healthier planet. Companies are seeking to engage with suppliers to align commitments, set high standards, monitor suppliers’ sustainability performance and hold them accountable for it to achieve ambitious sustainability goals aligned with industry and science-based targets.

Implementing the TGI Program as part of a strategy for supply chain environmental performance can deliver measurable environmental benefits that the company and its stakeholders will welcome. It can also bring substantial business benefits through greater cost savings and better positioning of the company for tomorrow’s world of higher disclosure and investor scrutiny, more sustainability focused consumers, and scarcer resources.

Benefits of TGI to your organisation:

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving material efficiency
  • Practicing green manufacturing good practice
  • Ensuring the organization meets the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers

With Intertek’s web-based platform and deep environmental expertise, TGI has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring factories’ environmental performance and ultimately assuring improved performance. Intertek’s End-to-End Supply Chain Assurance solution is a valuable way to identify high risk suppliers, map the supply chain, benchmark supplier performance on the ground, and provide insights for more effective sustainability training and capacity building.

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