Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)

In a business world where the need for increased transparency and reliable benchmarking in supplier manufacturing performance is growing, Intertek's Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) sets an international benchmark.


The SQP Program presents an effective solution for retailers, brands, and buyers to evaluate supplier performance and promote continuous improvement.

The Industry's Premier Supplier Qualification Program

At Intertek, we've designed the SQP to focus on assessing supplier performance through a lens of product quality and safety compliance. The Program creates an open benchmarking environment, enabling measurable comparisons over time. This approach lets our customers see how their suppliers fare against set objectives and identify any concerning trends in real-time.

Intertek's SQP: Your Solution to a Better Supplier Assessment

Our SQP has established itself as a world-class industry standard for more than a decade. The Program’s key differentiators include accredited training programs, qualified trainers and auditors, a risk-based scorecard, and a system that ensures continuous corrective and preventative action.

SQP is meticulously developed by surveying the needs of global consumer product brands and retailers. The program covers sectors such as Generic Hardlines Manufacturing (household & DIY), Garments, Toys, Footwear, and Trims.

SQP Industry Standard: What it Covers

    • Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
    • Risk Management Systems
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Site and Facilities Management
    • Product Control
    • Product Testing and Product Claims
    • Process Control (Hardline, Garment, Toy and Footwear)
    • Personnel Training and Competency

    SQP's Business Benefits: Reap the Rewards

    Implementing SQP offers numerous benefits. These include improved controls and processes for managing product quality and safety, increased transparency and trust between buyers and suppliers, reduced audit fatigue, the ability to demonstrate measurable outcomes, and improved risk management. We recognize top-performing suppliers with an Achievement Award, offering you further validation for your commitment to excellence.

    Join the ranks of international retailers, brands, and buyers who trust Intertek's SQP. Experience a new standard in supplier qualification, where transparency, reliability, and continuous improvement are not just slogans, but a daily practice. Contact us today to learn more about SQP and how it can help you.

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