Verify and certify your product and process to emerging sustainability requirements consistently along the entire supply chain.

Intertek’s supply chain management and product assurance experts can support your business in certifying to the latest sustainability standards. Whether the certification is associated with product testing or facility auditing, Intertek’s global network will confirm that products and services meet leading sustainability standards and requirements.

Intertek offers a suite of corporate social responsibility solutions to empower you to showcase good business practices while simultaneously improving material efficiency through sustainable environmental practices. Corporate social responsibility addresses security and workplace conditions, and ensures your organization and your suppliers meet the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers. These web-based solutions include:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses the principals of social and environmental sustainability within various audit and certification programs. Intertek supports a number of social responsibility audit, validation and certification services, such as Social Accountability 8000, Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production Certification Program (WRAP), Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA), and many more.

The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA), supported by a web-based platform, is an audit and certification program that meets with the increasing demand for measured, reliable and transparent supplier workplace information. The WCA applies to all industries.

As manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly implementing environmental and sustainability programs, the Think Green Initiative (TGI) audit will certify improvements in environmental performance. The audit addresses various environmental modules, including; water, energy, hazardous materials, equipment and waste, air emissions, noise emissions and sustainable production. The TGI program applies to all industries.

 Intertek is pleased to offer Zero Waste to Landfill certification services, which promotes manufacturing efficiency, waste reduction, reuse and diversion from landfill.

Sustainable agriculture consists of customized farm and infrastructure audits and precision farming services, implemented with local market knowledge and global operational excellence.

With increased demand for transparent and recognizable sustainable claims, various sustainability certifications are emerging in the market place. Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark and Sustainability Certification Mark demonstrate that reliable and accredited claims are applied to your product, material or package. Intertek’s global network of certification & auditing services also support achievement of various third-party established sustainability certification programs.

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