Intertek provides comprehensive assessment, testing, validation, certification, and consulting services to assist companies create and validate environmental claims for their product, package or operations.

As consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of products and packaging, suppliers, producers and retailers are challenged to ensure that sustainable claims are accurate, representative and appropriately labeled. With this, validated and trusted testing and reporting are increasingly important for stakeholders throughout the value chain. Intertek provides comprehensive testing, validation, certification and assurances services that support sustainable claims, whether voluntary, self-declared or as part of broader global regulatory requirements.

Whether sustainable claims are unique to your product or you are looking to demonstrate that you are meeting existing standards, Intertek can support validation of those claims and authentic communication with your customer and supply chain. Intertek relies on existing guidance and standards such as ISO 14021 to validate claims as well as guidance available from specific countries and regions to meet jurisdiction specific requirements where they exist. Various programs offered under Intertek’s Sustainability Certification mark can further validate sustainability initiatives promoted in your organization and communicated to your customer.

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