Long range ultrasonic testing provides rapid screening for corrosion and erosion in pipelines.

Long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT), also known as guided wave ultrasonic testing, is a fast and cost-effective method for inspecting long lengths of pipe. Intertek specialises in using LRUT at oil and gas refineries and in the downstream processing sector.

Hundreds of metres of pipe can be screened in one day from one single location and the technique can inspect 100% of the pipe wall. LRUT can be performed on piping that is in operation, insulated and buried, and in areas that are difficult to access such as those at high elevations. The method can therefore save time and money that would otherwise be spent on excavation, insulation removal and scaffolding.

A ring of transducers is fitted around the pipeline and the transducers generate and receive low frequency ultrasonic guided waves along the pipe. The returning echoes indicate defects such as corrosion and other abnormalities.

The benefits of long range ultrasonic testing include:

  • Screening long lengths of pipe at one time
  • Inspection of 100% of the pipe
  • Detection of corrosion and erosion under insulation of pipes
  • Analysis of pipes at difficult-access locations, such as wall penetrations, road crossings and buried sites
  • Screening of on and offshore pipework, even in tightly packed racks
  • Riser inspection

Our inspectors are highly experienced in using LRUT and are ASNT/CSWIP Level I or II and qualified; they can provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your pipelines.

By choosing Intertek for your long range ultrasonic testing, you have the Total Quality Assurance that your maintenance schedules will be met and you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of surveying pipelines and detecting defects. Our reports will provide the necessary information for you to make decisions regarding pipeline asset management.

In addition, Intertek can provide the qualitative non-destructive inspections that may be required to investigate the full extent of the defects found by long range ultrasonic testing.

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