Solar and Energy Storage Expertise

In 2022 Intertek acquired Clean Energy Associates, LLC (“CEA”), a market-leading independent provider of quality assurance, supply chain and technical services to the fast-growing solar energy, energy storage and green hydrogen sectors.

Established in 2008, CEA is headquartered in the US and has an operational base in China. CEA serves as a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading solar project developers, owners and financiers, providing a range of services across the value chain. These services include quality assurance, supply chain management and traceability as well as technical support to clean energy projects. CEA also serves clean energy equipment suppliers and manufacturers, helping them grown and navigate the key manufacturing challenges that are critical for their success.  

Combined with Intertek’s comprehensive existing solar energy and hydrogen service offerings such as product testing and certification and in-field inspections, the complementary expertise creates a truly end-to-end service offering to support customers on their decarbonization and energy sustainability journeys.  

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Market Intelligence

Clean Energy Associates is the leading source of data and analysis in the solar and storage industries. We report on current trends and have a pulse on the latest PV solar, Green Hydrogen, and energy storage technologies set to disrupt the renewable energy landscape. 


Clean Energy Associates’ engineering services help maximize the performance and profitability of your operational assets. Issues are identified through in-depth analyses of historical data, onsite audits, and reviews of each phase of a project’s development. By pinpointing existing issues for swift resolution, CEA can immediately improve production and reduce operating costs. Moreover, we provide recommendations for long-term improvements that will enhance a project’s value throughout its entire lifespan.

Supply Chain Management

Navigating global PV solar, green hydrogen, and energy storage supply chains requires a dedicated staff with global connections, inside knowledge of the constantly changing technology and supply industry, and expert contract negotiation skills. With more than 1,000 combined years of solar and storage experience, the CEA team is a trusted third-party advisor that delivers industry-leading results.

Quality Assurance

Quality issues and defects can occur at any time during design, manufacturing, shipping, installation, or operation. Clean Energy Associates provides a complete quality assurance solution that covers the entire product lifecycle and the Balance of System (BOS) components.

Manufacturing Strategy

Considering the venture into local clean energy manufacturing but daunted by the complexities? CEA specialists are here to navigate you through, ensuring your project's success. Understanding the local industry dynamics, site specifics, and legislation is key in this new terrain. We provide bespoke solutions to meet your strategic, operational, and financial requirements, leveraging industry contacts and comprehensive knowledge.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

CEA’s ESG services empower companies with the necessary tools and expertise to handle carbon emissions calculations and traceability complexities. Consequently, it helps improve their sustainability performance, paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

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