Intertek Balance of System Components Technologies enable you to differentiate your photovoltaic (PV) product and increase profitability in an ultra competitive market.

As PV Modules and Inverters become more cost effective, Balance of System Components costs will continue to climb to more than half of total project costs in the very near future. As an innovative company, you are looking for innovative solutions. Intertek helps you offset these Balance of System Components (BOS) costs by offering our comprehensive suite of services to keep your projects as profitable as possible.

Our global network of experts are on the cutting edge of BOS Technologies and will help you streamline your project with our full-service offering. We help you get the results you're looking for, with the precision and confidence only Intertek can offer. Our BOS Technologies provide the innovative solutions you're looking for, enabling your project run smoother, faster and more profitable than ever before. 

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