Eddy current testing is a non-destructive testing method widely used to examine tubing in heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers, air coolers and feedwater heaters.

Eddy current testing of tubes is an effective way of assessing the condition and lifespan of tubes, particularly in the power generation, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer and air conditioning industries. The technique is applied to detect corrosion, pitting, cracks, erosion and other changes to both the tube’s interior and exterior surfaces.
It is a high-speed inspection method and one of the major advantages is that it can be performed through paint and coatings. The technique is only suitable for non-ferrous material such as stainless steel, copper and titanium. We also perform remote field and magnetic biased eddy current testing on carbon tubing.
Eddy current testing uses electromagnetic induction to identify defects in tubing. A probe is inserted into the tube and pushed through the entire length of the tube. Eddy currents are generated by the electromagnetic coils in the probe and monitored simultaneously by measuring probe electrical impedance. The information revealed by the probe will detail the tube defects.  The scanning data will be recorded by the software and kept us as a backup for future reference.
A benefit of eddy current testing is that detection of defects is instant, and can be reported immediately to site or operation managers.   
Eddy current testing of tubes is highly specialised, requiring expertise and specialist equipment. Intertek’s non-destructive testing inspectors are PCN, ASNT and NAS410 Level II or III qualified in eddy current testing, and have years of experience in performing this technique on tubing. Our inspectors’ expertise will ensure you have an accurate assessment of the condition and remaining useful life of your tubing so that you have the information to make decisions regarding the asset integrity management of your tubes.  
Intertek’s extensive experience in eddy current tube testing for various industries means that we understand the need for quick turnaround times during outages. You can have the Total Quality Assurance that outage schedules will be met with our eddy current inspections.

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