Intertek supports the cosmetics industry by helping companies manage and minimize the environmental impacts of their product packaging.

As consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is increasing. Companies are working to maintain the quality and safety of their products while investigating innovative packaging alternatives to reduce the adverse effects on our planet. Companies are moving away from disposable packaging options and are actively looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic such as reusable/refillable containers (e.g. glass, wood, bamboo, etc.), biodegradable solutions, and more.

To help companies achieve their sustainability goals and meet the needs of their consumers, Intertek’s solutions provide circularity through the reduction of packaging waste, the reuse of materials, and the incorporation of recyclability.

How can Intertek help?

Through our global network of sustainability, regulatory, toxicological, and analytical experts, Intertek offers a range of solutions to help companies manage the environmental impacts of their cosmetic packaging. Our scope of services includes:

  • Life Cycle Analysis: Assessment of holistic life cycle impacts and resource use to optimize performance, demonstrate compliance, and minimize risk
  • Carbon Footprinting: Evaluation of environmental impacts of energy and water consumption for the entire life cycle of product packaging
  • Circularity Management: Management of value chains from material sourcing to strategies for resilience
  • Packaging Analysis & Eco-Design: Design and incorporation of sustainability in packaging through the consideration of recyclability, resource efficiency, material innovation, materiality, and circularity
  • Reporting & Data Assurance: Validation of organizations’ environmental and social reporting data to ensure compliance with globally recognized frameworks
  • Eco-Claims & Certification: Navigation of eco-label and recycling requirements in various jurisdictions to determine compliance with globally recognized regulations, standards, and testing, as well as development of custom eco-labels with Intertek’s Sustainability Certification Mark
  • Toxicological Product Safety Assessments: Review of packaging material and development of analytical testing and safety assessment strategies to meet regulatory safety requirements
  • Waste Management: Third-party verification of organizations’ systems to help lower energy and raw materials use, reduce waste, and reduce pollution
  • Regulatory & Compliance: Consultation to achieve compliance with global packaging regulatory requirements 
  • GHG Emissions Inventory Support & Verification: Measurement and reporting of corporate carbon footprint, independent verification of business greenhouse gas emissions, and development of initiatives for carbon reduction

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