Biofuels Sustainability Auditing Services

Biofuels supply chains are complex and have a range of environmental impacts. Verification at the producer level provides proof of sustainability of the biomass.

Driven by the concerns about how an ever-growing population livelihood can be preserved, a number of initiatives to ensure sustainable growth of biomass for biofuel production have been developed, including the European Union’s Directive on Renewable Energy (2009/28/EC) (EU RED), which requires sustainability certification for all biofuels sold in the EU from 2012 onwards. The sustainability criteria are primarily focused on conservation of biodiversity, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, conservation of carbon, land rights, and socio-economical impacts. These criteria vary according to how the feedstock is produced, converted into biofuel, and eventually distributed and used.

Buyers and sellers of biofuels in the EU market have the obligation to undergo regular independent audits of its suppliers to ensure that these sustainability criteria are met.

Biofuels Sustainability Auditing Services

Intertek's third-party verification program will help your organization identify and target key improvement areas, quantify your sustainability products, and to reach compliance with sustainability legislation for biofuels e.g. EU RED. Our multi-disciplinary team – including experienced process auditors, accountants, and engineers – will work with you to define and execute an audit and verification plan that results in independent and accredited sustainability certification of your whole supply chain.

Intertek, with over 1,000 auditors located on over 100 countries across the globe, offers customized auditing solutions across the entire biofuel supply chain. As a global leader in testing, inspection, and auditing, our team of experts is fully versed in the unique challenges the biofuel industry faces. To fulfill requirements of European sustainability legislation we are able to offer you biofuel certification against the following standards:

  • 2BSvs  
  • ISCC
  • RSPO (not approved by the EU Commission for EU RED yet)

These certification systems may also be used to demonstrate sustainable production of biomass with respect to other sectors, such as the chemical or food industry.

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