Flash point testing services for cosmetics, including perfumes, essential oils and nail polish products to ensure product safety during storage or transport

A flash point test for a cosmetic product determines the lowest temperature at which a cosmetics product or material emits enough vapor to form, with ambient air, a volatile gas mixture which could ignite if exposed to an ignition source, such as flames, sparks, heat or an electrical source. A wide range of cosmetic, beauty and fragrance products such as perfumes, essential oils, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, alcoholic formulations, nail polish or scented cosmetics fall into the category of products whose flash points must be tested and are subject to regulations for hazard content, distribution/transportation and storage.

Our team tests cosmetic products, components and raw materials to help ensure product safety and regulatory compliance including flash point determination. In line with European flash point regulations, we test products as differentiated as follows:  


  • Extremely flammable: flash point below 0°C and boiling point <35 °C
  • Flammable: flash point below 21°C and boiling point above 35°C
  • Flammable: flash point between 21°C and 55°C


Typically the flash point test procedure involves a cosmetic sample being introduced into a temperature controlled test cup and then an ignition source is applied to the vapours produced by the test sample. At Intertek, we can conduct flash point testing to these test methods: 

  • Flash point measurement methods (rapid equilibrium, closed cup methods)
  • Flash point measurement method according to Abel according to ISO 13736
  • Flash point measurement method according to Pensky-Martens according to ISO 2719
  • Flash point measurement method according to Tag according to standard ASTM D56
  • Flash point measurement method according to Cleveland Open Cup (open cup) according to ISO 2592

    Our Intertek cosmetic testing laboratories offer a wide range of analytical services supporting the cosmetics industry, including flashpoint measurement using different methods and international standards. Our experts support some of largest and most innovative brands and  retail clients across the world with an extensive range of testing, inspection, safety assessments, and regulatory consulting services.

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