Our experts can help bring your cosmetic products to the European market by providing end-to-end support in the preparation of Product Information Files.

When a cosmetic product is placed on the European market, the party responsible for the product – known as the Responsible Person – must prepare a Product Information File (PIF) that will be accessible to competent authorities in paper or electronic format. According to Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, the PIF shall be kept for 10 years following the date on which the last batch of the cosmetic product was placed on the market.

Intertek’s team of Regulatory Affairs experts can help you prepare PIFs for your cosmetic products through personalised, flexible service. Intertek offers the following:

  • Collection of the required PIF information through direct contact with manufacturers or subcontractors
  • Verification of the relevance of the information received 
  • Redaction of cosmetic product safety report (CPSR)
  • Setting up of tests if necessary
  • Creation of the PIF

What is included in a PIF?

HERS PIF Service

 *Non-exhaustive lists

Intertek will work with your partners, near and far, to collect the information necessary to prepare your PIF. With our vast knowledge of cosmetics regulations, especially those in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we will ensure that your PIFs comply with all relevant guidelines. We will also provide regular and personalised reminders to ensure that your files are completed on time.

As part of our service offering, Intertek also provides PIF audits to ensure the compliance and completeness of your PIFs. These audits can be performed in various contexts:

  • In cases where PIFs have been prepared by a subcontractor, Intertek will ensure their regulatory compliance.
  • In cases of potential purchases of brands or subcontractors, Intertek will evaluate the compliance of the existing PIFs for their products. 

Intertek performs complete PIF verifications in total impartiality. The content of the PIF (raw materials documentation, formulas, tests performed, labelling, claims, etc.) is rigorously controlled by our regulatory team.

Our team works across all cosmetic types, with specialization in make-up products (including make-up products intended for children), skincare products for the body and face, fragrances, and hair products. 

The Intertek Advantage

Intertek is a global provider for the cosmetic industry, partnering with clients in their compliance efforts. In addition to PIF support, Intertek offers the following:


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