In most countries, cosmetics are not subject to premarket approval. However, most EU countries require notification to poison centres before cosmetic products are placed on the market.

Similarly, manufacturers or importers must submit a product notification form to the government of Canada within 10 days of placing the product on the market. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) runs a Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program at the request of the cosmetic industry. Furthermore, particular states in the US have passed their own cosmetic regulations such as the California Safe Cosmetics Act, to further protect the health of consumers by identifying proof of license, ingredient, label, and more. Details of the program are available in Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 710 and 720. In China, the Chinese Ministry of Health and the State Food and Drug Administration require Administrative Licensing for Exporting Cosmetics to China.

For registering your product in the EU, Intertek can assist you in the notification of France’s poison center by informing you precisely what is required to contact the French authority.  For other EU countries, we recommend you contact each member state within the EU directly as each country has its very own registration process.   Registration itself can only be made by the actual person who imports into the EU market. With Intertek’s comprehensive knowledge and insight into China’s laws and regulations, our Administrative License Application Agency Service can help you through the complex process of applying for a license for registration of your cosmetics products in China.

Intertek also offers exclusive healthcare and beauty product research and development solutions as well as production and supply chain strategies to ensure the utmost quality and safety of your cosmetics, toiletries, Over-the-counter(OTC) drugs, therapeutic goods and more.

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