Cosmetic safety assessment services for cosmetic ingredients helping stakeholders in the cosmetics and personal care product industries to achieve regulatory compliance.

The cosmetics industry encompasses a number of personal care products used every day by men, women and children throughout the world, including products for skin care, hair care, nail care, makeup, fragrances and shampoo.

The industry has experienced significant growth on a global level, but not without major challenges. Quality, safety, efficacy and labeling requirements for cosmetic products are regulated differently in various regions, making it difficult to identify relevant regulations and ensure compliance in all countries where cosmetic products are marketed.

Cosmetics Safety Assessment Services for Cosmetic Ingredients

Intertek’s scientific and regulatory experts can help you to become a trusted and valued
cosmetic ingredient supplier. With an Intertek Raw Material Safety Assessment, you will:

  • Know that your ingredient has been assessed in line with EU guidance and legislation
  • Provide the information in a form that is readily incorporated into your own safety assessments and EU Portal notifications
  • Have independent third-party verification and sign-off by experienced, internationally-recognized and board-certified safety assessors
  • Ensure that information being circulated about your ingredient is accurate and well
  • Have a comprehensive safety document that can be useful for meeting regulatory requirements worldwide
  • Provide a clear point of differentiation from your competitor 

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