Supporting global regulatory chemical control by providing registration, notification, SDS & label services for industrial, consumer & agricultural chemicals.

Intertek helps clients manage the global regulatory chemicals control landscape by providing registration, notification, SDS, labelling and environmental reporting services for industrial, specialty, consumer, and agricultural chemicals, polymers and organisms.  New and existing laws are constantly evolving to keep pace with new information and scientific advancements in order to minimize any potential adverse effects on humans, animals, and the environment.

Chemicals contribute significant value to products we use every day and are essential to the global economy.  Careful management is required to protect health and the environment on which life depends.

Intertek offers chemical services in the following areas:

Intertek has developed an excellent working relationship with important domestic and international trade associations. We offer a global platform of regulatory and scientific advisors to support regulatory services in jurisdictions such as Asia-Pacific, Canada, US, EU, South America, Eurasia and Australia.  Intertek has been successful in the use of alternative methodologies (i.e., QSAR modelling, surrogate data, waivers etc.) to avoid generating new test data, and to save time and money.

We help clients develop global testing strategies to reduce the amount of animal testing for notification in multiple jurisdictions.  In addition, we assist clients with responsible product-stewardship practices by working with their suppliers to gather confidential information to support chemicals management and enable accurate authoring of SDS and labels.

Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs. 

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