Regulatory compliance assessments help companies determine if they have adequate procedures in place to ensure chemical control regulations are being followed.

Regulatory compliance assessments support companies dealing with chemical products in ensuring they are following the legislation applicable to their business and have programs and systems in place to demonstrate due diligence. Many global jurisdictions have chemical control regulations in place to protect the environment and people’s health.

Chemical compliance assessments are essential to companies that import, export or use chemicals. Careful chemicals management is crucial to:

  • Maintaining a safe workplace; and
  • Ensuring supply-chain continuity.

Intertek has a team of regulatory experts who have experience working in industry. Our team can conduct chemical compliance assessments of existing programs or establish policies and procedures to assist companies in their compliance efforts.

Intertek’s team of regulatory specialists can conduct compliance assessments to help companies identify regulatory requirements pertaining to their chemicals and chemical products. This assessment can be done either on-site or remotely depending on your needs.

Intertek offers chemical compliance assessment services in the following areas:

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