Intertek offers Canadian Agent Services to foreign companies filing a Canadian New Substances Notification

Many foreign companies face a challenge when they need to file a Canadian New Substance Notification (NSN) and do not have the required Canadian entity. All NSNs require that if the Notifier is not based in Canada, then a company or individual resident in Canada (i.e., a "Canadian Agent") must co-sign the notification.

Canadian Agent Services for New Substances Notifications 

With experience in preparing successful Canadian notifications and engaging in productive negotiations with the Canadian authorities, Intertek is the natural choice to serve as your Canadian Agent.

As your Canadian Agent, Intertek will do the following:  

  • Provide Canadian resident contact information for prescribed government forms
  • Review the notification dossier to identify potential road-blocks to success
  • Work with your company to resolve potential "show-stopping" concerns before the notification is submitted
  • Offer instructional advice and guidance on post-notification responsibilities.

For additional technical support, Intertek can also serve as your notification's Technical Contact, providing valuable insight and advice for addressing any government demand for more information.

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