Using our extensive regulatory and scientific expertise, Intertek can help successfully guide your substances new to Canada through the NSN process.

Canada’s new substance notification (NSN) process is a tiered system where specific data requirements are based on anticipated import or manufacture annual volumes.  Depending on your business needs, you can select the notification level to meet your business needs, or choose to submit a DSL-eligible notification. The government evaluates the information provided to determine whether or not the substance poses an unreasonable risk to the environment and/or human health.

A substance is eligible for listing on the DSL once the highest level notification has been submitted to the Canadian government, and the assessment period has expired without risk management conditions, and the notifier has sent a subsequent notice indicating that the notifier has manufactured or imported the substance

Intertek has helped hundreds of chemical product importers, manufacturers and end users navigate the complexities of the NSNR. Our Chemicals Group has extensive expertise, experience and industrial knowledge allowing us to understand our client’s business needs, anticipate any compliance challenges and to develop a strategic path forward enabling companies to save time and money.

Intertek offers the following chemical notification-related services to the producers, suppliers and users of industrial, commercial and consumer chemicals:

  • Development of notification strategies
  • Pre- and post-notification consultation
  • Classification of substances
  • Design, implementation, and stewardship of testing programs
  • Create claim substantiation reports
  • Provide technical support to legal teams

Intertek's experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your substance, assist with notification strategies or exemptions, and ensure your notification is professionally submitted to Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC).  Intertek can identify strategies to avoid the commission of new studies where possible through the use of analogue substance data, waivers and computational modeling such as Quantitative Structural Activity Relationships (QSAR).

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